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In order to register a Dexter you must have DNA proof of parentage. This is done by completing a PV test or parent verification. 

There are 3 providers of DNA testing listed below.

You can test directly with all 3. We would encourage you to call the providers direct if you are unsure about the testing procedures and requirements. 

If you would like to test with Neogen through DCAI, please login to the DCAI member only area by clicking here. 

Please note: If you test with Neogen, all results must be sent directly to DCAI from Neogen. We can not accept results that have the potential of being altered. This is to maintain the validity of the herd book. 


You will need to make sure you have MiP or SNP results available for the bull and cow with your chosen provider in order to complete testing of your calf. Please check this before submitting your testing request as you need to test SNP against SNP or MiP against MiP but not SNP against MiP. 

Please ensure you have all your calf's details correct on the application form. We will cross check all details including date of birth so make sure everything matches to prove it is the same cow. If it does not match, we will query the result and ask for clarification. In some instances this does mean retesting which is a costly, timely exercise. Getting it right the first time makes the whole process much easier for everyone involved. If you are unsure, please ask before submitting. 

If you are registering a bull calf, please note, you MUST have a PHA result. The calf only qualifies for Free By Inheritance if both the bull and cow are Free By Inheritance or Tested. We can not register a bull calf without a PHA result.

There are a variety of DNA tests available. If you are unsure of what you need or want, please don't hesitate to ask

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