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This is a quick reference list some of the most commonly asked questions.

Click on the links next to the question to find the information you are looking for.

If you have a question that is not listed here try the FIND IT HERE page.

Alternatively please send us your question and we will endeavour to provide you with the appropriate information and add it to our list of FAQs. If you need to know it chances are others will too.

How Many Dexters Can I Run On My Property?

The number of Dexter Cattle you can hold on your property depends on the type of land, water, shade and facilities. State and Local By-Laws may affect the number of animals you are allowed to keep. 

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I Want to Know About Dexter House Cows

House Cows: Management, Breeding, making use of the milk and other topics can be found on the Frequently asked questions about Dexter house cows. Other related topics include Structure, checks and balances, Owning and Managing Dexter bulls & AI Sires. Click the links to find out more.

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Structural Conformation
Maintaining Mineral Balance

Who Can Register Dexter Cattle

Only a Full or Junior Financial Member of DCAI can Register Dexter Cattle. Only the owner of the animal's mother  (dam) can register it. Use these links to find out more about membership, owning and registering Dexter Cattle and to access DCAI Herdbook Regulations and forms.

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How do Register Dexter cattle 

To Register an animal into the DCAI Dexter Cattle Herdbook you simply use the link REGISTRATION FORM - On-Line

This will link directly to the LBC on-line registration facility. Follow the prompts to fill in the registration form and click to submit.

Remember the Registrar will need to have a copy of the DNA parent verification test results and the results of any other tests the animal has had that you want shown on the pedigree. Please check the DCAI Herdbook Regulations for information about registration regulations.

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What Equipment do I Need to Manage Dexter Cattle

Setting up your property for Dexters should follow the same principles as for any cattle. There are basic requirements for managing cattle and then there are a few additional things that will help make sure your farming experiences are positive and enjoyable. Click the links to find out more.

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Why is there a Dexter Cattle Breed Ideal And a Breed Standard?

You may find the terms Breed Ideal and Breed standard used in various editorials and regulations published by DCAI and wonder what the difference is and of which one you are supposed to be taking notice.  For members who have been involved with Dexter cattle for an extended period of time it is all common knowledge but for newer members it may be a little confusing. Click the links to find out more.

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How do I get a DNA Parent Varification test for my Dexter?

All Dexter cattle registered in the Australian Dexter Cattle Herdbook are DNA parent varified against both the sire and dam.

Having your animal tested is simple and cost effective. You simply apply to the DCAI Registrar to have test kits sent to you. Once you have your test kit collect the hair or tissue sample, attach it to the kit and post it with the DNA test application form to NAA at the address provided on the form. Click the links to find out more.

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