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2023 QLD Breed Show

Nanango Show 14 & 15 April 2023

The 32nd Queensland Dexter Breed Show

The 32nd Qld Dexter Breed show was held on 15 April 2023 as part of the Nanango Show.

Originally there were to be six studs showing with a total of 19 animals, but one stud had to withdraw on the day due to illness and one animal was withdrawn as it was unable to be registered in time. On the day there were five studs and 16 animals on show. The judge was Katherine Rose from Traveston Droughtmasters and Herefords, who did a very good job and was thoughtful in her comments. There were five bulls on show in three classes with two junior bulls and three seniors. There were 11 females spread over five classes, one calf, five juniors and five seniors.

Before judging commenced, we paid a tribute to Jason Gilmore who passed away this year and had been a member of the QCC for the last 4 years and secretary for three of those. Once judging was complete the trophies and prizes were presented to the winners and the second raffle was drawn. Thank you to all the sponsors especially to Gehrke’s grain and transport for bags of feed and bottles of liquid mineral and to Kilcoy Rural for bags of feed.

This year for the dinner we tried something different by holding it on the Friday night, and this proved to be a good move as it was well attended. It was pleasing to see more studs at the show and the studs encouraging young people by having young person's help with the leading and preparing of the animals for showing.

This year we had a 50-inch TV screen set up with a laptop connected showing videos of and educational nature about Dexters. This tent was well attended. Also, Cattle Clobber set up their display of halters near this tent and the owners who also own Dexters were available to answer enquiries while we were all busy showing.

I believe that we had a good show that ran smoothly thanks to the efforts of the members of the Queensland Coordinating Committee who set up and ran the event.


Written by Aleck McCloskey


For more information about the 2024 Nanango show, please click here.

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Mourylani Really and calf Truly with owners Heather Mourilyan and Robert Nuttridge
Mourylani Really with Troy and Robert
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