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Dexter Cattle Promotion Group (DCAI) - QLD

DEXTER CATTLE Jason Gilmore Wide Bay BBQ

Sausages Bring Home the Bacon for

Wide Bay


On 17 February 2019, the DexterCattle Promotion Group of the Wide Bay Region held its 2nd Bunnings BBQ fundraiser at Bunnings Hervey Bay.

This event raised just over $500.00 for the Group which was a little more than the first BBQ held in January 2018 (raised approx $480.00).

The day started with two members arriving at 7.00am and helping set up the Bunnings marquee. We fired up the BBQ and were serving sausages at 8.00am. At 3.00pm, we had sold over 23kg of sausages, 16 loaves of bread, 7kg of onions and 7 bottles of sauce/mustard. 

Drinks were also sold on the day with ‘No Sugar’ Coke proving to be most popular. Left over drinks will be used at future fun days etc.

These fundraisers only require 3-4 people to be available on the day and a couple of members to source the sausages, bread, sauce, drinks, trays, ice, tongs etc on the days prior.

The day may seem long however with banter between members and frequent requests from the public to know more about Dexter cattle, it really does not take that long to pass.

If any Group is considering undertaking this type of fundraiser, feel free to get in contact with any queries you may have.

Jason Gilmore - Secretary

Dexter Promotion Group -Wide Bay (Qld)

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