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Dexter Cattle Promotion Group (DCAI) - QLD


 Dexter Cattle Promotion Group 

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Thank you for contacting the Wide Bay Dexter Cattle Promotion Group. Your enquiry will be attended to as soon as possible. Kind regards, Wide Bay Group Secretary

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Wide Bay

Our group region encompasses the area from Gladstone in the north, Maryborough in the south to Mundubbera in the west. There are around 35 Dexter Studs in the Wide Bay Group and we are proud to be one of the largest active groups in Queensland.


Our field days and annual Spring Show are hands on and very informative. We endeavour to provide activities to suit all interest levels. The group membership is a mixture of those who are Dexter lovers with small acreage and those breeders who are dedicated to promoting our “Beefy Little Milkers” at the local and major  shows.


Our field days and shows cover nearly all aspects of cattle breeding and management with an emphasis on promoting the breed and educating the members and the public.


Since the year 2000 the Wide Bay Group has held four very successful Breed Shows and we like to boast that eight of the 12 plaques on the Champion Grade Dexter Female trophy are attributed to Dexter cattle bred by the members of the Wide Bay Group.


At the 2011 Queensland Breed Show Wide Bay members snaffled 16 of the 20 Champion ribbons and we don’t mind saying how proud we are. Let’s face it, it is something to brag about in anyone’s book.


Our annual Spring show, held in September brings out many interested onlookers and provides a great opportunity to give the public a close up and personal look at Dexters from a range of studs. Our shows also provide an opportunity for many youngsters keen to learn the art of Dexter handling.


The Wide Bay group holds a number of meetings each year which are also a forum for sharing ideas and information and a good opportunity for socialising with like minded Dexter enthusiasts.


New members and visitors are always welcome. For information about the Wide Bay Group please contact our Group Secretary or phone any of our group members.


Photos: Supplied by Wide Bay members. Note (Top photo) This is a working team of Dexters being used in a controlled field day working demonstration. They have been trained to work in a yoke and accept a rider. Publishing this shot was to demonstrate the temperament and versatility of Dexters. It should not be tried with your Dexters at home unless you and the cattle are trained.

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