Dexter Cattle Promotion Group (DCAI) - WA


Western Australia Promotion Group Contacts


Patricia Cabassi     (Chairperson)                                 

Ph: (08) 9525 4147



Elizabeth Day           (Group Secretary)                               

Ph: (08) 9447 3700 


Dexter Cattle Promotion Group of

Western Australia 

The Dexter Group of Western Australia is a small group of enthusiastic breeders committed to promoting the Dexter breed.  Our objectives include the promotion of the breed, offering a support network for members as they continue to develop the breed and fostering a strong spirit of co-operation amongst members.


We are, as with all DCAI Promotion Groups, guided by the constitution and rules of Dexter Cattle Australia Inc.


There are approximately 30 members in the Western Australia group, a number of those being very active in showing their Dexters. 


Generally our Dexter Breed Show and the Perth Royal Show generate the greatest number of exhibitors with members often travelling significant distances to participate.  


It is not only Royals that draw the crowds. Dexters are also regulars in the line-ups at many Western Australian regional shows where members are available to talk Dexters with interested show-goers.


The events calendar is generally very busy with a range of activities catering to the interests of all members and interested non-members. Field days are high on the annual list along with the annual Dexter Breed Show. 


If you are not able to attend planned events and you would rather look at cattle on their home turf, many of our members are more than happy to show you around their herd and share their experiences and knowledge of this wonderful breed. 


Like any livestock, breeding Dexters involves a deal of time and effort, but the rewards can be delightful. The Dexter Group of Western Australia welcomes anyone who would like to share those rewards. For more information about the Dexter Group of Western Australia, any of our activities or Dexter Cattle in general please contact our Group Secretary of visit our Group website






The Dexter Cattle Promotion Group of Western Australia will have an information stand and cattle display to the Gidgegannup Small Farms Field Day 29 May 2019. Group Members will be on hand to introduce you to this versitile breed and answer any questions you may have about the cattle or becoming a member. See other Dexter Related Events



Group Photo - (Top Left) Supplied By Chelsea Kelly

Back Row (L-R): Cath Knipe, Gillian Vernon, Albert Tan, Elizabeth Day, Fenella Sept, Danielle Berkhout, Christine McCauley and Graham McCauley.

Front Row (L-R): Trish Cabassi, Chelsea Kelley, Russell Cleghorn, Chris Cleghorn, (Judge Micheal Mamo), Mick Cabassi, Daniel Cabassi and Kelly Manning.

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