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Dexter Cattle Promotion Group (DCAI) - WA


A Successful Field Day

at Chittering Downs

On the 23rd of August the Dexter Cattle Promotion Group of Western Australia held a Field day hosted by Albert Tan and Libby Day at their Chittering Downs Dexter Stud. The day started off with Beth Green giving a very informative presentation. Beth is employed by Department of Agriculture and was able to offer plenty of information about cattle identification, The National Livestock Identification Scheme and NLIS tags, ear marking and waybills/NVD (National Vendor Declaration). 


Next up was Geoff Dawe talking about animal husbandry and giving demonstrations on how to ear tag and dehorn. Geoff also managed to include a quick rundown on clipping, castrating and meat cuts. Everyone was paying attention and asking questions that Geoff was able to answer without any hesitation. 


For lunch everyone sat down to a hotdog and salad, whilst Russell and myself sold as many raffle tickets as we could.  By the end of the day over 350 raffle tickets had been sold. 


After lunch Jean Witcombe gave her presentation on artificial insemination (AI), which generated a lot of interest and questions. Jean was very helpful and was able to give informative answers straight away. Jean’s presentation was followed up later in the day with a demonstration of AI procedure. Jean artificially inseminated two cows while a very interested group of people watched. The procedures went well and everyone was wrapped about how much they had learnt. 


Mary Ipkendanz was next talking about milk, cheese, butter making and the benefits of drinking raw milk. Interest in Dexter milk and home dairy is growing and the visitors to the field day made the most of the opportunity to gain information. 


A great day was topped off with the drawing of the Raffle. Congratulations to Beth Green who was the lucky winner of the young heifer Jynx. 

The day was wonderful and everyone learnt something new from each lecturer. Thank you Albert Tan and Libby Day for your tireless effort in supporting the lecturers, preparing the raffle and making sure everyone was fed. 


Thank you also goes to Chris and Russell Cleghorn for donating the young heifer. 

The proceeds of the raffle will contribute to funding the ongoing promotional activities of the Dexter Cattle Promotion Group of Western Australia

Editorial and Photographs Supplied by Chelsea Kelly & Glenwarlock Dexter Stud.


For more information about the Dexter Group of Western Australia, any of our activities or Dexter Cattle in general please contact our Group Secretary of visit our Group website


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