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Dexter Cattle Promotion Group (DCAI) - WA


Wagin Woolorama

Show 2015 

Wagin Story By: Chelsea Kelly

On Thursday the 5th of March, Glenwarlock Dexter stud were preparing their cattle ready for Wagin Woolorama. We had gotten all paddocks up and each cow, heifer and bull had be washed, scrubbed, dried, combed, clipped and sprayed. New halters supplied from Rural Ropes had been put on all cattle and onto the trailer they were loaded. We left Upper Swan around 12pm and the semi long journey to Wagin started. 


Three hours later we arrived in Wagin and finding the gates for cattle entries, many other cattle studs/breeds had already arrived washing their cattle there. We unloaded the cattle one-by-one and put them in a nice bed of straw. there were two calves without their mothers, that had only been on a halter once, that we took along on the trip just to help break them in some more. 


To the show we took:

  • 2 junior bulls - Glenwarlock Krom & Chittering Downs Kayne

  • 1 heifer calf - Glenwarlock Ketsia Magic

  • 2 young heifers - Glenwarlock Kiki & Glenwarlock Khalessi

  • 1 heifer (almost first calver) - Glenwarlock Justice

  • 1 cow and calf - Glenwarlock Gigi & calf King Maurice.


Once settled in we put a bucket of feed in front of them, watered them for the night and headed off to bed. Next morning it was cleaning out there beds another bucket of feed and giving all of them a big comb and brush ready for judging! 


We had been entered into specialty breeds so the Dexters went up against Miniature Herefords. 

First class was junior bulls which we had both our little bulls entered so in went Chelsea and Russell in the ring with the bulls. The judge had pulled Glenwarlock Krom up to 1st place saying that he just had that little bit of length that put him over Chittering Downs Kayne.


There was a couple of classes were we didn't have entries then next was the heifer class, again Chelsea and Russell went in with their heifers. Again the judge had pulled Glenwarlock Kiki up 1st and Glenwarlock Khalessi 2nd he said that he put Kiki first because she has more depth and length than Khalessi. Straight after this class was the cow and calf, so a quick rush to swap the heifers over for cows. Justice got put into the cow class as there was no middle classes and she was close enough to a cow then heifer. 


The 5 entries did a lap in the ring then pulled up in a line, Russell with Justice and Chelsea with Gigi (plus Chris walking Maurice). The judge pulled Gigi up 1st place saying that she has great length, puts a lot into her calf and that she was overall a great cow.


The next class was champion female so it was Glenwarlock Kiki against Glenwarlock Gigi, again he chose Gigi over the young heifer again because of the length, depth, volume and she was doing extremely well on the calf and she had a nice string of rib.  


Lastly the final class was the grand champion specialty breed and in went Gigi and her calf going up against a miniature Hereford bull. Russell went in leading Gigi and Chelsea leading her calf Maurice, we lined up and the judge had a look at both of the entries in the end he choose Glenwarlock Gigi, for the same reasons as he's said before! So we all left the ring super happy! 


Farm weekly and the Countrymen wanted a couple of photos/details and then the lady came over later and interviewed us a little about the Dexter stud. 


The next day was just talking to interested on-goers and handing out information. Overall the show was fantastic and we had a brilliant time catching up with other breeds and making new friends!


Editorial and Photographs Supplied by Chelsea Kelly & Glenwarlock Dexter Stud.


For more information about the Dexter Group of Western Australia, any of our activities or Dexter Cattle in general please contact our Group Secretary of visit our Group website



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