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 Dexter Cattle Promotion Group 

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Thank you for contacting the Dexter Cattle Promotion Group of Victoria (DCAI). Your enquiry has been received and will be attended to as soon as possible.Kind regards, Secretary DCPGV

Dexter Cattle Promotion Group of


The Dexter Promotion Group of Victoria (DCAI) has, on average, over 80 members at any given time.


The annual calendar of activities includes On Farm Field Days, Seymour Alternative Farming Expo, rural and Royal Shows and an annual Dexter Breed Show which is held in conjunction with the Royal Geelong Show.


Seymour Alternative Farming Expo is generally the third weekend in February. The group has a dedicated team of members at the expo every day specifically to answer questions and assist people in understanding this wonderful breed of cattle.


Members of the Dexter Group come from many different areas of Victoria, all breed Dexters for different reasons and have a variety of herd sizes. Our membership includes individuals with small boutique herds, hobbyists and larger operations with mixed commercial and stud herds.


Foundation members, long time enthusiasts and relatively new members share their knowledge and experience, friendship and sense of humour at field days, shows and social events. 


Regular newsletters help to keep members up to date with all things Dexter and there is a good network of contacts if members are looking for advice or just want to talk cattle.


The Victorian Group regularly publishes a a Guide to Dexter Cattle Breeders in Victoria to ensure all participating members are easy to locate regardeless of where in Victoria they are.


New members and interested visitors are always welcome to attend Group activities. Confirmed dates for Group events, the latest newsletter or copies of the Guide to Dexter Cattle Breeders in Victoria can be obtained from our Group Secretary using the contact form provided or by visiting the Dexter Cattle Promotion Group of Victoria Website. 



Contact the Dexter Group of Victoria (DCAI) for a copy of the Dexter Breeders Directory of Victoria using the "contact us" form provided on this page or Visit our website using the link below.

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