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Champion Bull Calf:    Hobbit Hill Drogo. Bourton Park,/ Hobbit Hill.  Jeanette and Neale Bourne.

Reserve Bull Calf: Hobbit Hill Marcho. Colinthia Park   Norm Eriksen.

Junior Champion Bull:   Red Hill Baron    Jaylyn Dexters.  Jan Cluff, and Lyndsay Martyn.

Reserve Junior Bull:   Silver Fern So High and Mighty.  Silver Fern,   T.D Nuttridge.

Senior Champion Bull:  Hobbit Hill Mr Brandy.   Collithina Park   Norm Eriksen

Reserve Senior Bull:   Hobbit Hill Matta.   Bourton Park / Hobbit Hill    Jeanette and Neale Bourne.

Grand Champion Bull:   Red Hill Baron.    Jaylyn Dexters.   Jan Cluff, and Lyndsay Martyn

Champion Female Calf:  Silver Fern Jessie’s Girl.  Silver Fern, T.D. Nuttridge.

Reserve Female Calf:   Silver Fern Lady JJ   Silver Fern.  T.D. Nuttridge.

Junior Female Champion:  Hobbit Hill Bell Goodchild,   Bourton Park/ Hobbit Hill, J & N Bourne.

Junior Reserve Female:   Silver Fern Hells Angel. Silver Fern  T.D. Nuttridge.

Senior Female Champion: Red Hill Jenna.     Silver Fern   T.D. Nuttridge.

Reserve Senior Female:  Silver Fern Lady Harriet.   Silver Fern   T.D. Nuttridge.

Grand Champion Female: Red Hill Jenna  Silver Fern T.D. Nuttridge.

Supreme Dexter: Red Hill Baron. Jaylyn Dexter’s.  Jan Cluff and Lyndsay Martyn.


Breeders Group: 1st             Bourton Park/Hobbit Hill,

                            2nd         Margrita Dexters.

Sires Progeny:    1st Bourton Park/Hobbit Hill Dexter’s

                             2nd Margrita Dexter’s.  






An Outstanding Achievement

and a First

For Dexter Cattle

at Toowoomba Royal

Congratulations must go out to Ian and Kaye Jenner, Red Hill Dexter’s.

What an achievement to have bred both the Grand Champion female and Champion Bull at a Royal Show.   Then to have them go on to win the Male and Female Small Breeds Inter breed Champions A first ever for Dexter’s to win both at Toowoomba Royal.  

Once again the lethal combination of Red Hill breeding and TC Fitting Services stole the Toowoomba Royal.   Both these Dexter’s have done justice to the Breed, their breeders, and owners, with outstanding achievements.

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