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Toowoomba Royal Show 2015

Small Breed Inter Breed female once again goes to a Dexter  Female at Toowoomba Royal in 2015   Congratulations to the Pla family and their outstanding cow. Summer Creek Black Saphire. The family unity and pride when this cow got up there was truly a moving thing to see.  I feel Black Saphire cried with pride along with Sophie.  


Once again the Darling Downs displayed its very adverse weather right on Show week.

Thursday, 18th  Friday 19th of March saw the mercury hit 39 to 40 degrees, but the show rolled on with beasts and humans alike having to take reprieves and shelter from the heat whenever and where ever they could.


Saturday morning and judging day for Dexter’s dawned bright and clear but nowhere near as hot.  Once again our Dexter’s looked picture perfect out in the show ring.


Our judge Mr Alastair Rayner, appeared to be a no nonsense judge who knew his job, Dexter Exhibitors are to be congratulated on their efficient, and prompt, work getting their exhibits parading before the judge.


I saw comradeship between our members that hasn’t been noticeable for a long time. Congratulations to you all, you made my job as marshalling and stewarding so very enjoyable, sorry if any of you felt rushed but obviously Alastair knew those horrible black clouds were getting closer. The judges relentless pressure to keep moving and your willingness to oblige meant we got finished before the down pour.


Thanks to the breeders (who had handlers leading their cattle) for untying and retying for folks who had animals in several class’s in a row, we got a lot of comments this year about “how well Dexter Breeders work together” 


Mr Rayner proved he knew what he was about, and did a very good job of judging Dexter’s as a Dual Purpose Breed.


Congratulations to all exhibitors, your Dexter’s this year were a credit to you and our breed.  I do hope you will all make an effort to either attend and exhibit or just attend the Queensland Breed Show on July 11th in Nanango.

Juddith Hill

Photo: Norm Erikson with Supreme Exhibit Hobit Hill Mr Brandy


Toowoomba Royal 2015 Results.



Dexter's Triumph in Interbreed

competition at Toowoomba

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