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The Dexter Bulletin and other DCAI Publications

The Dexter Bulletin and other DCAI Publications

DCAI Publications


The first Bulletin was printed as a simple A5 black and white newsletter in 1987 and has continued as a periodical publication since that time. In 1995 the format of the Bulletin changed to become an A4 colour and black & white publication, a format which continues to the present day.  The Bulletin is produced twice a year and is delivered to all DCAI Members. Members are encouraged to contribute relevant articles, photographs and advertisements for inclusion in the Bulletin. Back issues of the Dexter Bulletin are available for purchase if stocks are available.  



As a service to DCAI Members archived Editions of the Dexter Bulletin are being made available on line. Some editions are already available and more will be added until the collection of 100 editions is complete. (Click to access)

The Australian Dexter magazine is produced by DCAI as a cooperative marketing tool in which all members are invited to participate. The publication carries general information about Dexter cattle, Dexter Cattle Australia Inc. (DCAI), Promotion Groups and other relevant topics. Copies are made available to the public at shows, expos and other related events and are generally included in new member enquiry information packs.


DCAI Council produces periodical E-Newsletters to keep all Members informed of any changes, events and opportunities in a time effective manner. Newsletters are distributed in pdf format via email to members. Copies of newsletters are available in the DCAI Member Login section of this website.


Members are encouraged to contribute articles, show results and photographs for inclusion in Bulletins and newsletters. Members are also welcome to utilise the advertising opportunities provided by these DCAI publications. 

DCAI Newsletters are generally produced every 4-6 weeks on an as needs basis.

Please contact the DCAI Registrar for enquiries regarding publication dates, advertising or articles for inclusion.



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