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  Dexter Cattle Promotion Group (DCAI)
Sunshine Coast - Queensland

 Dexter Cattle Promotion Group 

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Secretary: Aleck McCloskey
Ph: 0422 889 548

Thank you for contacting the Sunshine Coast Dexter Cattle Promotion Group. Your enquiry has been received and will be attended to as soon as possible. Kind regards, Sunshine Coast Group Secretary

There is never a dull 

moment on the 

Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast Dexter Promotion Group has active members from just North of Brisbane to Gympie in the North and Kilcoy in the West. Members from over 40 studs contribute to the huge pool of knowledge and experience. 


This is a most valuable resource for us all,  the novice as well as the experienced, with some of the local breeders having in excess of 20 years experience with Dexters. 


It is the willingness of all our members to share their knowledge and experience  that makes the Sunshine Coast Group a good starting point for anyone in the region who is looking to get started with Dexters as a Stud or just to keep a few grass eaters.


The Sunshine Coast Group’s signature event is the annual On Farm Challenge. This event takes a considerable amount of organising and coordination, but it is well worth it. Once the work is over, the judging completed and the points tallied there is cause for celebration. Presentations are made at a social night where the merits of the various animals are explained by the judge.

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The St. Patrick’s Day Show and Field Day are held on alternate years. The aim of the field day is to develop skills and knowledge required to improve our animal husbandry. The Show encourages novices to step into the show arena along-side those members who are more experienced in the show ring. 


Education and fun are also important for the Group. There are quite a number of members interested in the dairy side of Dexters so cheese and yoghurt making demonstrations along with visits to cheese factories figure into the rotation of activities for the group.


We are all quite serious about breeding structurally sound Dexter cattle and use Holstein Australia’s Linear Classifiers to run education workshops on structure.


The Group has members who regularly show their animals at a variety of agricultural and breed shows. They are always willing to help any member of the group develop the skills required to exhibit their animals. 


We are a busy promotion group who promote the Dexter breed at Small Farm Field Days and farming expos. 


The Sunshine Coast Dexter Promotion Group can best be described as a friendly group of people. We all love our Dexters and are willing to help each other to breed healthy, quality cattle so all our members can fully enjoy all the benefits of having “Beefy Little Milkers”!


Photos: By members of the Sunshine Coast Group.

Top-Bottom: Who better to share a picnic lunch with than a Dexter. Group promotion at the Small Breeds’ Field Day. St. Pat’s Day Challenge. - For the love of the Irish.

To find out more about Dexter Cattle and the people who breed them click the FIND IT HERE link.


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