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The Dexter Cattle Group of South Coast (QLD) encompasses an area from Brisbane in the north to the Queensland/NSW border in the south and west to Beaudesert. 

This group was founded in June 1993 from a small group of breeders called the Queensland Dexter Club who had been meeting since 1991.


Most of the original members are no longer members of DCAI as age and changes in lifestyle have taken them in different direction. However in recent years younger members have joined the Group and brought with them new enthusiasm.


Our dedication for the breed is evident in the way we work together to promote Dexters, We actively support Dexter Breed shows and local Agricultural shows to ensure the Dexter breed maintains a strong presence in the show rings of Queensland. We believe this is an important part of promoting the breed.


The current Group of members cherish the qualities of their Dexters and care for them with responsibility and dedication. 

Some members still regularly show and two members of the Group are Executive Officers of the Queensland Co-ordinating Committee, helping to organise the Queensland Dexter Breed Show each year.


Our Members welcome enquiries about their animals, requirements of owning and managing Dexter Cattle and being a member of Dexter Cattle Australia Inc. (DCAI)

 Dexter Cattle Promotion Group 

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