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  Dexter Cattle Promotion Group (DCAI)
Manning Valley - New South Wales

"Signage Plays

An Important Role

Libby and Ron Brown from LRB Dexter Stud have recently been successful in their efforts to promote their Stud and make contact with buyers.

When Barbara from Westbrook travelled through Glendonbrook in September 2014 Barbara noticed the signs at the gate to Clem’s Place having had previous experience with Dexter Cattle.  


With good rain over Christmas Barbara lost control of the grass on her 12 acre property at Westbrook.  It was time to do something positive about the problem.  She needed to get a cow, a Dexter cow and she knew where she was likely to find one.


After couple of phone calls Barbara was talking to Libby negotiating to buy a Cow in calf. Within two weeks the deal was done and a very expectant mother (Myall Jan) was settling in to her new home at Westbrook.


Barbara and her husband David were very pleased with their purchase and the extra reward of a healthy heifer that arrived two weeks later. 

The DCAI sign and LRB Dexter Stud signs at the farm gate played an important role in this good news story.

Ron Brown


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