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Dexter Cattle Promotion Group (DCAI) - WA


Billabong Jason - Grand Champion Dexter Bull

Billabong Faizah - Grand Champion Dexter Female


September 2014

Billabong Faizah - Grand Champion Dexter Female

Saturday the 27th was SHOWDAY for Dexter Cattle at the Perth Royal. It was another 4:30 am start except this time our lane was a little more intense.

The day started with mucking out and another huge drink and a big feed for every animal. Breakfast was made a little faster and then we all were about to get started when we found out that the horses had to move to our judging ring, so we were pushed back an hour and were behind two other small breeds, the Square Meaters and Miniature Herefords). 


At 9 O'clock we started spot cleaning the heifers giving them a good blow down to get the sawdust out of the coats followed by a good spray and comb. The cows and calves we next in line for prep followed by the handlers whohad to find time to get dressed in their show uniforms. It seemed like there was not a spare minute to take a breath before judging began at 10am.

First was a young heifer class - Billabong Jewel 1st and Christine's heifer 2nd, Glenwarlock Jewel 3rd.  Older heifer class Billabong Josette, Albert & Libby's 1st and Billabong Jovotto 2nd, Billabong Jillaroo 3rd.

The Champion heifer was Billabong Jewel and Reserve Champion was Billabong Josette shown by Chittering Downs.

The next class was first Calvers - Billabong Hayley 1st and Chittering Downs Honey Suckle 2nd, Billabong Hottie 3rd shown by Glenwarlock.

Billabong and Glenwarlock took the top places with the senior cows Billabong Faizah 1st, Billabong Dudette 2nd and Glenwarlock Felicity 3rd.

The Champion Cow was Billabong Faizah and Billabong Dudette was sashed as Reserve Champion.
Then it was the boys turn with Junior bulls. There was suppose to be three classes but there was only one entry in each so Glenwarlock Jimoin 1st, Billabong Jason 1st and Glenwarlock Jobba 1st. The Junior Champion bull was Billabong Jason and Reserve Junior Champion Glenwarlock Jimoin.
Senior bulls were up next but Glenwarlock Emile was the only entry so he pulled up 1st and Senior bull champion. The Grand Champion Dexter bull was won by Billabong Jason.
Billabong Faizah was the Supreme Dexter of the Show.

The Dexters proved themselves against the other breeds with Billabong Jason winning Interbreed Champion bull and Billabong Faizah being named as the interbreed Champion cow.  

Congratulations to Billabong Dexter Stud for all there amazing efforts and awards and congratulations for all the other studs for putting in such a wonderful effort.

The next 7 Days of the show was spent talking to show visitors and promoting the Dexter breed, sweeping out the lanes, doing poo duty and helping out other studs and cattle breeds. We went through over 50 bags of our Dexter information packs and talked to a lot of interested future buyers. There was still 4:30 am starts every morning to muck out and to water the cattle but sometimes there was just a bit cheeky sleep in. 

Thank you to the RAS for always giving such a wonderful show and congratulations to other breeds and studs for making this show years Perth Royal such a wonderful experience.

Editorial and photos supplied by Chelsea Kelly



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