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Billabong Mufasa - Grand Champion Dexter Bull

Specialty Breed Interbreed Supreme Champion  Male

Billabong Niftie Nev -  Champion Junior Dexter Bull

Billabong Nessie Noodle - Junior Champion Female


September 2018

Billabong Kinky - Grand Champion Dexter Female

Specialty Breed Interbreed Supreme Champion 

Dexter Cattle are presented at the Perth Royal Show every year and generally give the other specialty breeds a run for their money in the Specialty Breed Interbreed Competition.

This year was no different with Billabong Dexter Stud taking out Supreme in both the Male and Female Specialty Breed Interbreed classes. The Dexters competed successfully against Miniature Highland and Miniature Hereford cattle. 


2018 was another wonderful year for Dexter Cattle and Billabong Dexter Stud at the Perth Royal Show.




Junior Champion Female:                 Billabong Nessie Noodle 

Junior Champion Bull:                       Billabong Niftie Nev 

Senior Champion Female:                 Billabong Kinky 

Senior Champion Bull:                       Billabong Mufasa 

Specialty Interbreed Female              Billabong Kinky (DEXTERS) 

Speciality Interbreed Male                 Billabong Mufasa (DEXTERS) 

Editorial and photos supplied by Chelsea Kelly


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