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The On - Farm Challenge

Sunshine Coast Dexter Cattle Promotion Group (DCAI)

The On Farm Challenge was developed as an alternative to having cattle judged in the show ring. Although competing in the ring with your peers is both exciting and challenging, not everyone is able to do it. Some do not have the time, the facilities or the experience to show their cattle in a formal environment.


The On Farm Challenge offers an alternative with all the same criteria of structure, temperament and type being applied during judging. The only real difference is the judge does the travelling.


Cattle being entered in classes other than steer classes must meet all the same criteria of being registered and appropriately identified.


Cattle are judged in paddock condition and do not have to be show prepared or handled in order for them to be eligible to be entered in the Challenge. The visiting judge and the contingent of photographers and recorders visit the participating studs over several weekends.  All the aspects of each animal are recorded and then analyzed in order to score the individual animals.


The intention is to give as many members as possible the opportunity to have their cattle formally judged by a qualified judge.  These types of events add to the many checks and balances members use to continually improve their stud stock.  Showing of any sort is a good learning environment for any breeder,  regardless of their skill level. Each judge will have very useful comments to make which can be very educational.


Sunshine Coast Promotion Group have been the greatest proponents of the On Farm Challenge. Other groups around Australia have now added an On Farm Challenge to their list of annual events as an additional opportunity for their respective members.

The On Farm Challenge was developed as an alternative to having cattle judged in the show ring.



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