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Saturday 24th May 2014

Petresa Dexter Cattle Stud hosts a successful field day

Dexter Cattle Promotion Group of Tasmania (DCAI)


Holding a field day in May can be unpredictable in terms of weather but in this case the sun shone and the weather was quite nice for the Field day which started at 10am. The day mainly concentrated on animal husbandry and halter training done by Ian Clayton, who did a excellent job of showing some new people to Dexter’s how to handle a Dexter on a halter. Some lovely refreshments and food were there on offer. A couple of new people attended so were the following members, Ron and Julie Hunt, Cath Thomas, Olga and Jim Stack.

Thank you to those members for their great support.

Peter and Teressa Fleming

26th April 2014

Taste of the Northwest

Dexter Cattle Promotion Group of Tasmania (DCAI)


The Dexter Cattle Promotion Group of Tasmania held its annual fund raiser on the Saturday 26th April 2014 at the Taste of the Northwest in Sheffield.

I arrived at site at 8.45am and was met by a sight of destruction, the overnight wind and rain had blown over most of the tents that had been put up the previous day.   People were everywhere working to put things right in very difficult conditions.   Lucky for us our tent was still standing; one of the very few.

A hardy group of volunteers turned up including Peter and Theresa Fleming, Jim and Olga Stack, Andrea and Sarah O’Grady and Ian Clayton.   With Paul O’Grady delivering the BBQ and helping us to set up.   I would like to thank them all for a job well done in very adverse conditions.

We raised $471.47 for the day, considering the weather conditions I think we did very well.

Ian Clayton


5th - 7th May 2014


Dexter Cattle Promotion Group of Tasmania (DCAI)


The Dexter Cattle Promotion Group of Tasmania held its annual cattle promotion at AGFEST on the 5th, 6th & 7th May 2014.

Cattle for the three days being provided by Ian & Pauline Clayton of ‘Preston Park Dexters’. Included were Rawlings Honeycomb, Preston Park Jewel of Spring and Preston Park Jubilee, all three being on their best behaviour.

Member Volunteers who attended the AGFEST site over the four days including set-up and clean-up were: Mark & Marg Rawlings. Allan & Jenny Williams, Derek Pennington, Pam Sharp, Olga Stack, Angie Howard, Peter Fleming, Ron and Julie Hunt, Gail Wilson, Dale Latham and Ian Clayton.  I wish to thank all our volunteers for a job well done.

The weather was a mixed bag with two fine days and one wet and they do say “that two out of three ain’t bad”.

We had a new site this year close to southern entrance car park and opposite the sheep dog trials arena.   After a few concerns at first we had some good interest with lots of people passing the site from the southern car park entrance with the majority being from eastern and southern Tasmania.   A big plus with the new site was being able to park both vehicles and trailers on site.  So overall a pleasing result for the three days.

Ian Clayton


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