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Dexter Cattle Australia Inc. (DCAI) Membership


Dexter Cattle Australia (DCAI) offers a range of membership opportunities catering to different levels of interest and involvement.


Full Membership is for persons over the age of 18 years and entitles a member to vote, be elected to a position on the DCAI Council or a Promotion Group Committee, Register and Show Dexter cattle.


Junior Membership is open to persons under the age of 18 years. Junior members can register and show Dexter cattle but are not entitled to vote or hold a position on any committee.


Associate Membership is available to anyone interested in Dexter cattle. An Associate member is not entitled to vote, hold a position on any committee or register Dexter cattle. The DCAI Constitution and Herdbook Regulations contain valuable information about membership and the registration of Dexter cattle. These can be found in the DCAI Documents and Forms section of this website.


Membership Application On-Line: If you wish to apply to become a member of DCAI the online application facility is available using the FORM link below.

When you have completed the form click submit and the from will be sent directly to the DCAI Registrar for processing. You can print a copy for your files using the print prompt at the bottom of the form.  

A blank form is available as a downloadable PDF form accessible through the link provided below.


Processing your application: When your application is received it will be referred to the DCAI Council for approval. The DCAI Member Services coordinator will check the stud prefix/s you have nominated to ensure it is not too close to any prefix used by other past or present members hence the request for you to nominate three options of your stud prefix. If by chance a stud name of your choosing can not be approved you will be contacted by member services to discuss alternatives.


Once your application for membership has been approved you will be sent an invoice. Once you have paid your membership fees your details will be included on the DCAI Member database and be available through the Member Search facility on the LBC website.


DCAI would like to thank you for your interest in Dexter cattle and becoming a member of our Association. We trust your new venture with Dexter cattle will be both exciting and rewarding.


Membership application enquiries should be directed to: 

DCAI Livestock and Business Centre

PO Box 189

Kiama NSW 2533

Phone: (02) 4232-3333   Fax: (02) 4232-3350


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