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  North Coast NSW Dexter Cattle Promotion Group (DCAI)

Lyndall adds flavour

to the

Dexter Cattle Expo!


Lyndall Dykes, affectionately known as ‘the cheese lady’ by her growing number of fans is a passionate advocate of wholesome, sustainable and delicious homemade produce.  Lyndall has been making cheese for over 30 years, finding it very exciting that you can make cheese at home with very little equipment, cost or complication.  Her mission is to share with everyone how it is done.  That is just what Lyndall will be doing at the Dexter Expo in Macksville on October 17 & 18 2015.


Seven years ago Lyndall opened the doors of ‘The Cheesemaking Workshop’ at her base on the Coffs Coast, NSW.  Since then she has trained thousands of happy workshop participants in the art of simple, cost effective and fun home cheese making.  

In Dec 2012 Lyndall launched her beautiful book, ‘The Cheesemaking Workshop’, a photographic step-by-step guide to making 20 delicious cheeses and associated recipes.  The first print run sold out in a few short months. 


The Cheesemaking Workshop and book have featured in Qantas magazine, Feast, many regional publications and a whole host of radio stations, including regional ABC and Lydall’s profile is growing all the time. 

Lyndall regularly takes her workshops on the road to a variety of regional and rural locations and whenever she appears at events and food shows, her demonstrations never fail to pull in a crowd.


As demonstrated by the many testimonials, workshop participants and event organisers agree that Lyndall has special qualities, making her demonstrations and classes much-sought after.  Lyndall would be delighted to bring added value to your event and is available to deliver a cheese making demonstration at the 2015 Dexter Expo.

Blessed are the Cheesemakers!


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