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Dexter Cattle Promotion Group (DCAI) - NSW

Mosvale Small Farm Field Day Feb 2019 .j

Dexter Cattle Exhibit 


FEBRUARY 2nd & 3rd 2019

Sydney Group put on a very good display of Dexter cattle at the Moss Vale Small Farms Field Day on the weekend of 2nd and 3rd of February. A little rain on Saturday settled the dust but by Sunday the heat was back. Moss Vale Small Farms Field Day has proven to be an excellent platform for the promotion of Dexter cattle with its proximity to rural, semi rural and urban centers. 

The two-day event held at the Moss Vale Showground was packed with a great-array of exhibits and companies displaying and demonstrating their small farm products.

In spite of the diversity of things to see and do the Dexters did not go unnoticed with prominent signage and banners to draw the attention of visitors.


The cattle exhibit comprised a black cow with a four month old black calf at foot and two six month old steers, one red and one black. These very good examples of Dexter Cattle supplied by Birrong Dexter stud at Exeter proved to be an excellent exhibit.


There were a number of cattle breeds exhibited and in this case the Dexters were displayed right next to the Galloways. This was a fortunate placement as it provided the ideal opportunity to demonstrate the size difference between full-sized cattle and the naturally small Dexters. Many visitors were surprised at the difference and could see why Dexter cattle are an excellent choice for small farms.


The live cattle exhibit was well supported with plenty of printed material and a team of DCAI Members, many of whom have been Dexter breeders for many years and all are passionate about the qualities and practicalities of Dexter Cattle for small to medium sized properties. The two-day event was productive and enjoyable and was all made possible with the help of some great examples of Dexter Cattle and a hardworking team from the Dexter Cattle Promotion Group of Sydney. The promotion team included:


Rob Allen - Oaklea Stud, Bathurst; 

Ray Carless - Birrong Stud, Exeter;

Merv Lawrence - Wherzat Farm, Werombi, 

Robyn and Garry Herring - Mt Pleasant Stud, Maraylya; 

Don and Jacquie Williams – Myall Stud from Congewai and

Chris Clark (DCAI Councillor) – Curroo Stud, Lanitza. 

To find out more about Dexter Cattle and this event 

Contact the Dexter Cattle Promotion Group of Sydney (DCAI) 

Vale Small Farms Field Day report (PDF)

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