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Dexter Cattle Promotion Group (DCAI) - QLD


 Dexter Cattle Promotion Group 

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Thank you for contacting the Toowoomba, Darling Downs, Lockyer Promotion Group. Your enquiry will be attended to as soon as possible. Kind regards, Group Secretary

Toowoomba, Darling Downs and Lockyer promotion group has a mix of very experienced Dexter breeders and enthusiastic newer entrants to the world of Dexter cattle.

That wonderful mix of know-how and enthusiasm are evident whether we are promoting Dexter cattle or socialising with members, and believe me the socialising is as important to us as the breeding. 


The Group has several members who show their cattle at local, Royal and Dexter Cattle Breed Shows. For some of our members it is a real passion which keeps the Dexter banner-flying and results in some very impressive wins in the show ring. Members showing cattle are never in it alone and generally there are always non-showing members offering to be support crew.


Dexters do very well in our neck of the woods. Many members and their hardy little cattle have weathered the long spell of drought and are revelling in the return of better seasons. Members are reporting grass so tall they have difficulty finding their latest arrivals, who manage to remain quite elusive in the long grass.


Some of our members keep Dexters purely for their own enjoyment and find the social interaction provided by the group an enjoyable aspect of the Dexter experience. Our members come from a variety of backgrounds and land sizes but all of them find their involvement with Dexters to be a wonderful addition to their respective lifestyle and, in some cases their professional lives.


The Group is not all about socialising and pets though. There is a serious side to group life when it comes to ensuring our members have as much information as possible. We periodically organise on farm information days where members can learn about the different aspects of maintaining, handling and showing Dexter cattle.


Our Promotion Group members take great pride in having quiet, easily managed cattle. We, as a group, believe Dexters are a lifestyle animal as well as a practical producer. As individuals we have our own reasons for breeding Dexters and with that our own expectations and aspirations. Collectively we are committed to the Dexter Breed, enjoy ensuring all members can learn to get the best from their animals and have a raft of fun on the way round. We are all about breeding quality, quiet animals that produce well and enhance your lifestyle whatever that may be.


We welcome new members and interested non-members to all our activities and most of our members invite visitors to their respective studs.

If you would like more information on the group, our activities or members please contact the Group Secretary or any of our members listed under Toowoomba, Darling Downs and Lockyer in the directory section at the front of this publication.

Photos: Supplied by group members

A wonderful mix of



Enthusiasm for

Dexter Cattle

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