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Dexter BEEF PIES proved to be the flavour of the week at the 2013 PRIMEX.


As far as the Dexter Group of North Coast NSW is concerned it is no good talking about how good the beef is, you need to prove it and prove it they did.


Months of planning paid off with 1000 Dexter Beef Pies being enjoyed by visitors at this year’s Primex held at Casino in Northern New South Wales. 


Primex is one of the largest primary industry exhibitions in Australia. The Dexter Group of North Coast New South Wales has been a regular exhibitor at Primex for many years and decided this was going to be the year to showcase Dexter Beef in the form of a pie.


After approaching a local award winning pie maker, the Dexter Beef pie was created.  The pie launch was well promoted via the media and people flocked to the Dexter Cattle site, some travelling long distances after hearing about the pies on the ABC early morning radio.  The pies also introduced many people to the Dexter breed for the first time.  


The traditional chunky beef pies had a wholemeal pastry base, all natural ingredients, no preservatives or msg.  The public responded very well in knowing that their meat was grass fed, hormone free, premium Dexter beef. The feedback was very positive with many people coming back over the three days of Primex for more pies.


A trial run of pies was made to ensure they passed the quality test and at that the Group knew they were on the right track to put Dexter Beef front and centre at Primex. Steers were selected and 1000 Prime Dexter Beef pies were ordered. 

Sales began at a trickle but it did not take long for word of mouth to circulate around the grounds. The Dexter pies were a good size and made with chunky tender beef not mince. They were appropriately served with a fork and serviette. 


While the target of selling 1000 pies was met the intention was not to excel in selling pies, it was to demonstrate that the quality of Dexter beef is consistent and does have a place in the Australian Market.


Smaller breeds such as Dexters are often not considered well in the sale yards and abattoirs simply because they are a different size. It will only be when discerning buyers begin to request Dexter beef at their butcher shops that the trends will change. 


With a broad base of smaller breeders Dexter beef is accessible. The reputation for the specific qualities of light but even marbling and low overall fat are beginning to filter through to the broader market place. More and more carcass competitions are showing that Dexter beef is amongst the best beef available in Australia.


There are many reasons people breed Dexter cattle but they have one thing in common, they all produce beef for the family, for sale as weaner steers, store cattle or finished butchers steers.


Small boutique breeders produce hormone free, predominantly grass fed naturally grown steers.


If you are considering sourcing prime beef for a restaurant or the home freezer give some thought to the breed of the meat you are selecting and consider the qualities and benefits of Dexter Beef.


To find out more about the Dexter Cattle Promotion Groups, Dexter Cattle or being a Member of DCAI, 


Photos: by the Dexter Group of North Coast NSW

Dexter Beef Pies a Sell-Out at Primex

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