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Dexter Cattle Promotion Group (DCAI) - NSW


 Dexter Cattle Promotion Group 

South East - NSW
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Thank you for contacting the Dexter Cattle Promotion Group of Victoria. Your enquiry has been received and will be attended to as soon as possible. Kind regards, Secretary DGPGV

Dexters and their owners

thrive in the

South East Regions of NSW

South-East New South Wales is bounded by the Pacific Ocean on the east, the Brindabella Mountains on the west, with national parks and state forests to the northerly and southerly extremes. 


The Dexter Group of South East NSW represents the full diversity of the breed and its breeders; many of whom aspire to the principles of sustainable land management practices, feed efficiency, fodder self-sufficiency and genetic conservation. 


This year we are delighted to welcome several new members, bringing the number of our group membership to 17 DCAI registered Dexter herds.


Dexter cattle have a broad appeal to those who are looking for a manageable type of livestock. Represented in our membership are discerning connoisseurs of fine food who appreciate the superb quality and flavours of traditionally produced Dexter meat and milk products.  


Adding to our group’s diversity are alternate life-stylers who have moved to the next level of self-reliance, those who have chosen Dexters to adorn larger city-fringe hobby-farm subdivisions, and home-makers who want to provide food security and a healthy life-style for a family. 


Environmentally concerned thinkers and ecologically aware small farmers who plan to produce boutique beef and milk-products for increasingly popular Farmers Markets are equally attracted to the Dexter; as are enthusiasts whose interest lies in the conservation of minority breeds for the purpose of genetic biodiversity.


Dual purpose Dexter cattle fulfill a myriad of purposes for their owners. They thrive and produce excessively well in the cool to moderate climates of the rural and semi-rural areas of South East NSW.


There are other Dexter owners and admirers within our region who are not DCAI members, to whom we would like to extend an invitation, “Come along to our Dexter group meetings. You are most welcome to join us, sit in on our meetings, join in the social aspect of our group gatherings and visit the various Dexter Cattle studs in our region.


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