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  Dexter Cattle Promotion Group (DCAI)
Dexter Cattle, small but not miniature are an important part of life on the South Coast of Queensland

 Dexter Cattle Promotion Group 

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Thank you for contacting the Mary-Burnett Dexter Cattle Promotion Group. Your enquiry will be attended to as soon as possible. Kind regards, Mary-Burnett Secretary

A Small Group

Breeding a Small Breed


Quality and Lifestyle


The Mary-Burnett Promotion Group brings together Dexter cattle owners from  the Gympie Region which is situated between the Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay and just two hours drive from Brisbane. It is a vast area of different landscapes and a wonderful area to own Dexters.



Our Members come from all walks of life.  Some are working full time and some are living their retirement.  The Dexter suits many of these lifestyles because they look after themselves exceptionally well if given the basics of water, grass and shade.  They are relaxing to be around and they interact socially with people as much as the owners like to interact with them.  Our members have various size herds to suit their property size and their lifestyles, but the one thing that we all have in common is our love and commitment to our breed.


Breeding for conformation is very important to some of our members, whilst some members breed for the milk capacity and others for the meat quality and beef growing characteristics.  Other members just simply own and breed the Dexter to please their eye, their children or their grandchildren.


Our group has a good mix of people with different ideas & knowledge, which they all enjoy sharing.  Whether this is basic cattle care, dehorning, handling and training, showing, promoting, milking, feeding or yard set-ups, we all have something to offer and will share this information or help at any time.


The promotional days, such as the displays at the Gympie Agricultural Show and the Back to Basics days, are made easier and more enjoyable with the many hands and heads getting involved.  We all learn from these days and from the old and new members within our group.


For our group members who like to show, showing provides promotional opportunities, the chance to meet other members, allows the next generation a chance to work with and to learn about our breed, it gives the cattle intensive training and being spoilt time, allows them to take their cattle on outings, and gives them the opportunity to assess how they are progressing with the breeding of their own herd.


Our group regularly holds meetings which aim to inform and to also provide a framework for likeminded people.


So, whatever you want or need to get from this breed our members will gladly welcome you to our group.


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