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About Dexter Cattle

Dexter Cattle: Unique, Practical and Productive - Perfect for small to medium acre farming

Dexter cattle are a naturally small breed of cattle not miniature cattle. 

The Breed is well known for their dual purpose meat and milk productivity, longevity, and intelligence.  

These Dexter cattle discovery pages will help you explore the various attributes of Dexter cattle and

how they may suit your farming pursuits and lifestyle.

Dexter Cattle are quite renowned for their suitability as house cows and are particularly well suited to small acre farms. Selecting the right cow for your purposes is important. The Frequently Asked Questions page about house cows offers a brief introduction to selection and management of Dexter house cow and some useful links to more information. READ MORE...

Dexters are a naturally horned breed of cattle. These days most cattle are disbudded as calves to prevent horns from developing. Animals that are not disbudded will develop horns which are quite wide, sweeping forward and upwards. Horns are white with black tips giving them a dramatic appearance.  At some point in the recent past a poll gene appeared in the genetic mix resulting in naturally polled or hornless Dexters.  READ MORE...


Buying cattle for the first time can be a daunting thought and choosing the right stud stock as a foundation for your Dexter stud is an important decision. Dexter cattle have their own unique and specific characteristics. The Dexter Breed Standard developed by Dexter Cattle Australia Inc. is an excellent tool to help you assess Dexter cattle you may be considering for purchase. READ MORE...



If you still have questions about Dexter Cattle please try our Frequently asked questions section or go to FIND IT HERE for a list of all the topics available the Dexter Cattle Australia Inc. Website.

If you have a question and can not find the answer please contact us so we can provide the information for you. READ MORE...

All Dexter Cattle being entered into the DCAI Herdbook are DNA tested and Parent Varified. This requirement has meant the Australian Dexter Cattle Herdbook is the most comprehensive pedigree record in the world. DNA testing is simple and cost effective. To find out how to have your animals tested READ MORE...


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