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Dexter Cattle Australia Inc. (DCAI) Membership

Membership Application FORM  (Current  January 2018)


Dexter Cattle Australia (DCAI) offers a range of membership opportunities catering to different levels of interest and involvement. Before filling out your membership application form please read the information about Becoming a Member  and  Applying for Membership. 


When your application for membership has been approved you will be sent an invoice for payment of your joining and membership annual fees. Your member details will be included on the DCAI Member database and will be available via the member search facility once your payment has been received and processed. 


Completing and submitting your Membership Application on line.

We have added some new features to the membership application form to help make things as easy as possible. 


Preview: You can preview your application before submitting to ensure you have completed everything

Warnings: Some information required in the form questions is essential to processing your application. If you have missed something the form will not submit. Simply fill in the fields that are indicated and submit again.

Print: if you want to print your application before submitting it you can - just click the print button at the bottom of the form.


DCAI would like to thank you for your interest in Dexter cattle and becoming a member of our Association.

We trust your new venture with Dexter cattle will be both exciting and rewarding.


DCAI Livestock and Business Centre

PO Box 431

Shellharbour City NSW 2529

Phone: (02) 4232-3333   Fax: (02) 4232-3350


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