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Dexter Cattle Animal Registration

Dexter Cattle Australia Inc. manages the DCAI Dexter Cattle Herdbook. Only Full and Junior Financial Members of DCAI are entitled to register Dexter cattle. Only animals (other than G1 animals) that are the progeny of registered parents are eligible for registration. You will find more information about the registration and transfer of animals in the about Dexter cattle section of this website. The options in the menu below will assist you in navigating to the relevant information. 

This Online Animal Registration form is a fast and simple way for DCAI Members to register or transfer Dexter Cattle. On-line Registrations linked to the LBC Dexter Cattle Registrar can be submitted and paid on-line. If you prefer to do your paperwork from a printed form a Registration form with additional information is available on this page and  can be complete and submitted on-line or printed as a PDF.


Please check the details of any new registration or transfer and alert the DCAI Registrar should amendments be required.  Your animal registration certificate will be issued once payment has been received. If you would prefer to submit your registration form by mail this Animal Registration form can be printed using the print prompt at the bottom of the form. 

Please note: there are two options for registering Female Dexter Cattle. Cattle can be registered with a registration certificate supplied or entered on the electronic herdbook without a certificate being printed that provides a cheaper option for herdbook entry of female animals.


Please Note: The DCAI Herdbook Database is generally updated once a week. It may take up to 10 working days after payment has been received for newly registered animals to show in the herdbook database. 


Once you have submitted your animal registration form to the DCAI Registrar it will be processed and the animal will be included on the DCAI Herdbook data base. The details of your animal can then be viewed, checked and printed using the Animal Database search link on this site.

Animals registered in the DCAI Herdbook can be transferred to any Full or Junior financial DCAI Member. an on-line animal transfer form is available in the forms section of this website.

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