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DCAI Website Guidelines for Member Links

For several years DCAI has offered members with private websites the opportunity to enhance their profile via the inclusion of a direct link from the DCAI Website to a private website. This has been a user pays service that was not widely published and did not make provision for the some promotional opportunities for all members. The new member link option does allow for full and Junior members to increase their exposure through the Association's website. 



  • The Inclusion of Member Contacts on the DCAI website is offered as a promotional opportunity to Full and Junior Members of DCAI.

  • Inclusion of a Member listing or Member profile is dependent on the payment of DCAI Membership fees having been receipted for the year in which the listing is to be displayed; and

    • the payment of the prescribed fee/s associated with having a member listing and or Member Profile page included on the website.

  • Member contact listings and or member profile pages on the DCAI Website run from 1st July – 30th June each year.

  • Listing which have not been renewed and paid for will be removed at the 30th July each year.

  • The inclusion of a member listing and or member profile pages on the DCAI website is charged at a set fee regardless of when the listing was applied for within that respective term. No part year or pro-rata payment options are offered.



  • All be displayed in the same standard format; and

  • Display the Member Stud Name/herd prefix (excluding the words stud, Dexter stud or Dexter cattle stud); and

  • the membership contact name (person or entity); and

  • the town or region and state; and

  • the words “Contact Us” with a link; and

  • link directly to the member details located on the DCAI Member Data Base.

  • Member’s who wish to have a private website included in their member link will have a hyperlink included on their member details panel in the DCAI member database.

  • The inclusion of a private web site is only applicable to web sites specific to Dexter Cattle.




  • All Full and Junior Members are eligible to have a Member profile page included on the DCAI web site subject to:-

  • DCAI membership having been renewed and membership fees paid for that respective year;

  • the payment of the prescribed fee for the Member Profile for that year and any administration charges having been receipted.

  • A yearly fee applies to each listing;

  • Member profile pages will be charged on an annual basis from 1st of July to 30th June each year.

  • A set up fee applies only to the initial set up. No set up fee applies to Member Profile Pages being renewed after the first term.

  • The Member Contact and or member profile listing fee applies in full regardless of when, within the 1st July – June 30th period a member applies to have the listing published.

  • No pro-rata payment option applies.

  • DCAI Web site Member Listings and Member Profiles will be invoiced by the Registrar DCAI and made payable with 30 days. If the fee for the Member Listing has not been receipted within 30 days of invoice the listing will be removed without notification and not reinstated until the prescribed fee has been paid.


Member Profile pages may contain:

  • Up to 300 words – supplied in Word format by email or cd

  • Up to 2 photographs; and/or

  • A direct link to the DCAI Data base member information page for the respective member. Where Member Contact listings or Member profiles require the inclusion of a link to a private website the hyperlink to the nominated private website will be included on the Member Information on the DCAI Member data-base.


Member Profile pages may NOT contain:

  • Advertising for specific animals;

  • Sales or sale prices

  • Information that may be deemed to be defamatory or damaging to another member, to the Dexter Breed or to the Association

  • Advertising, links or contact details of any other person, entity or company.

  • DCAI reserves the right to refuse editorial of photographic content deemed to be inappropriate to the promotion of the Dexter Breed, the DCAI Membership or that which is deemed to be detrimental to other members





All full and Junior Members who have paid their Membership fees for the respective year are Eligible to apply to have either a Member Link or a Member Profile Page included on the DCAI Website. Members


Prescribed Fees and charges for Member Listing and Member Profile fee for 2014/2015:

  • Member listing:  $33.00 gst inclusive

  • Member Profile Page: $77.00 gst Inclusive

  • Set up fee: $11.00 applicable to new Member Profiles only and is payable in addition to the annual listing fee for the first year only.

  • Member Profile changes: Members may apply to have changes applied to their member profile twice during a 12 month period. Changes will be made only if editorial changes are provided and or any photographs are provided as jpg files.


Display and accessibility to member links on the DCAI Websites

Member links are available from the home page and from all DCAI Promotion Group pages to ensure the public have every opportunity to search for members in their respective states.


Dexter Cattle Promotion Group Links:

Links to the websites of Dexter Cattle Promotion Groups are provided to all Promotion Groups fee of charge in the Dexter Promotion Group section of The DCAI website. (See: Using the group pages)


Member Search:

Traditionally there has been a member search facility associated with the DCAI web site that allows anyone to look for a member in the DCAI Member Database. This function remains available and is not affected by member links.


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