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DCAI Code of Ethics

All DCAI. Members are expected to agree to abide by the Code of Ethics as a condition of Membership Application and Acceptance.


1. Members will not knowingly make any untruthful statement in submitting applications for registration.


2. Members will not neglect or mistreat their animal(s) but on the contrary at all times safeguard its/their well-being.


3. Members will not exploit or degrade any animal or otherwise act to the detriment of the breed or the animal.


4. Members will not transfer any animal to a party who they feel will not conscientiously look after its health, safety and well being, or may exploit, degrade or otherwise act to the detriment of the breed or the animal.


5. Members will only breed from animals they know to be in good condition and health.


6. Members will be vigilant for the production of undesirable conditions in the breed and work towards the improvement of the breed while always safeguarding the unique attributes of the breed as detailed in the Breed Standards.


7. Members will represent their animals honestly to prospective buyers and give such advice or assistance to the buyer as may reasonably be requested.

7.1. Members will inform prospective buyers of any inherited conditions they are aware of in their animals.


8. Members will work to control or eradicate inherited problems or other conditions inimical to the breed.

8.1. Chondrodysplasia carriers are a part of the breed and considered of equal merit under the Breed Standards. Members will, where possible, follow breeding practices that control the possible production of homozygous (‘bulldog’) calves. 

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