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The Dexter Sires listed below represent those bulls that have been Approved or Accredited by DCAI for general use in the Australian Herd. Any person is able to buy semen from these bulls, if available, to use in breeding progammes for their herd.  Click on any of the bulls listed below to view all the relevant pedigree and accreditation information currently available on the DCAI Herdbook Database. For futher information about the DCAI Database and Animal Pedigrees please click this link to Interpreting a Pedigree Cerificate and the DCAI Herdbook Data base. For any other information try the FAQs or go to FIND IT HERE 

KADINA THE GREAT DDA 80005 (IMP DEN) (H) (R) (BD1: C ) (PHA: T) (DNA: 22990 MiP)

RED HILL DUNDEE 80331 (AI) (ET) (ACC AI) (H) (D) (BD1: T ) (PHA: T)  (DNA: MiP 9473) (DNA: SNP 796092)

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