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About Dexter Cattle Australia Inc. (DCAI)

Dexter Cattle Australia Inc. (DCAI) is a not for profit Cattle breed society that facilitates herdbook recording and management services on behalf of its members.

DCAI is managed by a team of voluntary Councillors who are elected by the members. Councillors are most often Dexter cattle breeders who are prepared to give their time and skills to be part of the management team.

Administrative  and herdbook management services are provided by Livestock Business Centre (LBC) under contract.


The DCAI Dexter Cattle Herdbook database contains the pedigree records of all registered Dexter cattle, and breeder / ownership information. The DCAI Herdbook database can be accessed through the Herdbook Database link on the homepage of this website.


Being a Member of DCAI can be a great experience that will not only add to your knowledge but will offer you a whole new social network. Members share knowledge, enjoy some laughs and revel in the competition of shows. You are most welcome to contact any Promotion Group even if you are not a member. You will be made most welcome. 


DCAI membership is offered in a number of categories. Full and Junior financial Members are entitled to breed and register Dexter stud stock. Associate membership is available to interested persons or commercial Dexter breeders who wish to be kept informed by way of the Dexter Bulletin and DCAI Newsletters and participate in Promotion Group activities.  


Many breeders of Dexter cattle choose to breed and register stud cattle. Only Full or Junior financial members are eligible to register animals in the DCAI Herdbook. 

Information about membership, the DCAI Constitution and Dexter Cattle Herdbook Regulations are available in the DCAI Documents section of this website.


Members receive a printed members’ magazine The Dexter Bulletin each year. Periodical DCAI Newsletters are produced and distributed to Members via email. 

All Members are encouraged to contribute articles, show results and photographs for inclusion in Bulletins and Newsletters. 

Members are also welcome to utilise the advertising opportunities provided by these DCAI publications. 


DCAI also stocks a range of merchandise thatis available to members.

DCAI merchandise items include breed uniforms, caps, books and promotional items. Members can order directly from the DCAI Merchandise Officer. Merchandise is posted to members at a nominal postage fee. The DCAI Merchandise order form is available as a PDF document in the DCAI Forms section of this website.


Dexter cattle DNA and other genetic testing is provided by the Neogen Australasia (NAA). DCAI facilitates the ordering of DNA & Parent Verification, Chondrodysplasia (BD1) and PHA and SNP DNA profiling and upgrades. NAA offer members a discounted rate for a range of genetic tests. Information and test request forms are available from the DCAI Forms section of this website or by contacting the DCAI Registrar.


Dexter Cattle Australia maintains one of the most comprehensive Dexter cattle herdbooks in the world. Dexter cattle pedigree information is easily accessible through the links provided. 


DCAI Dexter Cattle Promotion Groups operate in most areas of Australia.

All Groups work under the umbrella of DCAI and all follow set regulations and Promotion Group By-laws.

Promotion Groups are a great source of information and social activity. All members, including associate members, are welcome to attend Promotion Group activities and meetings. 

For more information about any aspect of Dexter Cattle click the FIND IT HERE link to view a full list of topics and their links.

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