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  Dexter Cattle Promotion Group (DCAI)
Manning Valley - New South Wales

Tribute to Nanango from

South of The Border

Ron Brown passes on some bush poetry


Arriving at 1am on Saturday was not the best way to start

Misfortune, luck and determination had all played a part

Lib when fired up won’t let anything get in the way

But when the car refused to go her nerves began to fray


Stuck on the Moonbi Mountain just metres from the crest

To avoid a major incident we had to pray and do our best.

With traffic zooming past us and no way of getting clear

We waited more that 30 minutes for a policeman to appear


Finally things fell into place and we were off the road

Cattle penned at Tamworth relieving our biggest load

A hire car secured, Josh back to Maitland on the train

We got our second wind and were on the road again


Another long day’s travel. We were determined to get here

It seemed to get further each time we thought we were near

Rolling through sunny Queensland along the road to Nanango

But the further we went north the more it seemed like snow.


Besides gentle mooing the place was quiet and peaceful

We found a pen filled with straw. That was very thoughtful

Stock unloaded and bedded down. Into our tent we crept.

With a sense of satisfaction we closed our eyes and slept.


Next morning I ventured out. A thick frost lay on the ground.

Then before I could get started Ron and Jennifer came around.

They volunteered to help us out and become our grooming crew

Using their own equipment there was nothing they wouldn’t do.


Maisie, Crumpet, Jessie, Bella, Tiger Lilly and Gus our little bull

They had all been packed into our two horse float. It was very full.

The way that they had coped exceeded our wildest expectation

With patient and gentle care we tried to improve their situation.


Well watered, fed and tendered their eyes began to brighten.

Encouraged by Fay and Norm our troubles began to lighten.

Colby joined our little team with his hair down over his eyes

He came to breeder’s dinner and went home with a raffle prize.


We hoped to sell Gus our little polled bull. The chance was very slim.

But with a blue ribbon round his neck. Lyn took a closer look at him.

She checked him out and made an offer.  We accepted with a smile.

How’s that!  We sold him.  That’s made the whole trip worthwhile.


To get to Nanango Show was a challenge that put us to the test.

Thanks for the Queensland welcome. You were at your very best.

The Competition was run with style in a relaxed and friendly way,

The kindnesses that were shown to us mean more than we can say.


We headed home after tick tests and dropping Gus of at Lone Pine.

At Tawoomba with the Bournes, shared dinner with a glass of wine.

A Stud tour finale with Neil and Jennett in a landscape of red rock soil

Both freely sharing knowledge gained from their passion and their toil.


To all you New South Welshman, who have enjoyed the Dexter Breed

I have a very special message for you. So listen up now and take heed.

If you want to test your herd out. Then I tell you. You will have to go

To the biggest in Australia, the Annual Queensland Dexter Cattle Show.

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