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20 Calves and Counting

for Voodoo Magic

On the 28th of August 2014 a wonderful cow named Billabong Voodoo Magic was showing signs of calving. Her udder was full and kept going up the hill well away from her herd.


Russell Cleghorn and I ventured up the hill to see if she had given birth.  We searched for at least two hours and there were no signs of her, just flattened patches of grass and tell tale fresh cow pats on the very top of the hill. This was all very unusual behavior for a 14 year old cow. 


The next day we went back up the hill as the rest of the herd were up there. We searched for another 45 minutes and yet again there was no sign of her. 


On the Saturday I went up the hill one more time and walked over to the main herd where I spotted Voodoo grazing but no sign of the calf. I kept walking to have a closer look but before I took another step and just 10 meters in front of me I spotted two little red ears fluttering above the grass.  To my surprise and relief out came a little red heifer, she looked so adorable and spectacular.  


Billabong Voodoo Magic always produces beautiful calves and displays wonderful maternal instincts by always puts herself between you and her calf. 

This one was is particularly special because it’s her 20th calf.

I bet you are asking how a 14 year old cow has managed 20 calves?


Voodoo was an ET donor which has afforded her and us the privilege of having more calves than her years. Aside from her embryo contributions Voodoo has had a calf every year. 

We have named this special edition Ketsia Magic.  


Editorial and Photographs Supplied by Chelsea Kelly & Glenwarlock Dexter Stud.


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